Author Topic: Substance files i.e. fabric  (Read 415 times)

So when you download a substance file from the substance store (right now just the free ones, i.e wool), where are you suppose to put them? Are they considered procedurals? Textures? I would have thought they were a material or a smart material. But those choices aren't available when you import a resource.

I am planing to buy some in the future. I see that some are available as sbs and sbsar. I am pretty sure the second one is complied. So which one should you download? Does the sbs allow you to open it in Substance Designer and see how it is made? Do you need the sbsar for Painter?

I know if you subscribe, you get 30 points a month. How many points does each texture cost? And if you download both the sbs and the sbsar files does that count as two purchases?


.sbsar files are for Painter, and .sbs are for Designer. You can take the Designer ones and export them to Painter as .sbsar. You can see how the Substance was made in Design and modify it as needed.

When you import the files you import them as 'basematerial'. Either drag and drop them into your shelf, or go to File->Import Resources.

Each substance is 1 point, regardless of the version you get. You'll have access to all available formats for that substance.
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Thanks, CAGameDEV!