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Sorry for the newb question but my background is mainly just modeling in modo or cinema 4d.  So, I'm trying to get an idea of what the general workflow is working with both substance designer and painter.  Once I have a model created in modo, I'm assuming that I need to have a good uv map created for it for either substance program to use?  Beyond that, what are the basic usual steps?  I would think you'd normally create all of your model detail (more so for characters) in something like modo or zbrush but from some of the videos I've seen it looks like you can also do that in painter.  Is that right?  Thanks.

I guess I should have started watching the Getting Started tutorial for this.  It seems very helpful.  But so far it raises a question.  I was under the assumption that when I created a substance that I would then eventually bake out a map for color, bump, etc.  But the video talks about using the substance package in a host application - specifically a game engine.  I realize that substance designer is geared more toward game assets, but is it not really a good match for other 3d model texturing like arch viz or product design?  Thanks!

I'm using C4D like yourselve, you can bake out image maps for all you need, works pretty good. And even better there is a C4D plug-inn in the works; that way we can use substances directly.

Regards, Robert