Author Topic: Simulate color temperature 6500K  (Read 835 times)

Hi, we want to replicate materials as close as possible. Our current workflow is as follows:

1. Scan a material with a pbr scanner
2. Import the pbr maps into Alchemist
3. Put the real material into a lightbox (looks like this:
4. Adjust parameters in Alchemist to match the real material in the lightbox

The problem we have is this:

The color teperature in the lightbox is d65 (6500K), which immitates daylight (more information here: We therefore want to have the exact same light in Alchemist, but how can we do this? There seems to be no environment map or something like this that imitates this color temperature.

In substance painter the color temperature can be set as post processing effect as you can see here:

But we didn't find something like this in Alchemist.


We don't any post-processes (Color Correction) in Substance Alchemist today.

If you're familiar with Substance Designer, you can create an HDR map using a node graph and manage the color temperature.

If you have more questions or need help, don't hesitate to ask here!
Substance Alchemist Product Manager