Author Topic: Maya can't load certain substance materials  (Read 1071 times)

Hi! There are three wicker substance materials that Maya can't load, no inputs appear. Is that maybe an update issue? I use Maya 2019 student version and I haven't had such problem before.

Do you get any errors or crashes?
By inputs do you mean the connections in the hypershade?
Im assuming the sbsar's are supposed to take input files?

If you want to upload/point me towards the sbsar's I can take a look and see if they work or whats wrong?
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Hi Bryan, no crashes or errors. When I load the sbsar file in Hypershade, the window under Texture Settings remains empty (maybe they are called channels that don't appear, base color etc., sorry for the wrong term). But it only happens with these 3 materials (Wicker Close Caning, Wicker Herringbone Caning, Wicker Radio Net Caning).

Are these all source materials? I'll test them out and see what is happening.

What that means is that it failed to load for some reason.
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After looking at it and testing, I think you are using too old of a plugin.

Texture Settings is a UI area in the old plugin, Maya 2019 comes with the 1.4.0 version of the plugin.

To use newer sbsar files, you will need to update the plugin. The most recent version is 2.1.3. When I test with newer versions of the plugin, those files load correctly and work fine.
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I updated the plugin and now it works fine. I wasn't sure if updating the plugin for an older version of Maya would work, and I didn't want to update maya itself. Thank you for your help!

No problem. The new plugin is released and works for Maya 2017 through 2020. Only 2017 that I'm aware of should require any work to update since the 1.X plugin it comes with didn't have an installer, so it requires some files to be manually deleted right now.
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