Author Topic: "Tab" shortcut replaced by "spacebar" ??  (Read 394 times)


I just updated my license (version 2018.2.2). To my surprise, the Tab shortcut does nothing. Instead, it's back to the old spacebar shortcut for the search box.  Is this normal? Why was it reverted back to the old spacebar shortcut??

Is there a way to change shortcuts? This is driving me nuts!


It's an option in Edit>preferences>Graph
I guess it reset when you updated.

hmmm...   I don't see an option for that.

Under "Graph" I see:
Automatically compute node thumnails
view outputs  when opening a graph
display comments at a constant size (zoom/unzoom)
automatically display newly created composition node
automatically insert color/grayscale conversion node
enable graph edition in context (experimental, will affect performance)



I just updated my license (version 2018.2.2)
Wait, do you mean you're using 2018 now, or did you update to the current version (2020.1.3)

The tab option was only added somewhat recently (Maybe in the last year or so, I'm not sure exactly)
Before that it's always just been spacebar.

I'm using 2018.2.2

I've been using the "tab" shortcut for months.  It looks like the last update crewed that up....   not sure..

Hm, not sure what happened there.
It should at least work in more recent updates.