Author Topic: AI Powered Image to Material missing on Windows 10  (Read 317 times)


The AI Powered option for Image to Material doesn't seem to exist in my Substance Alchemist Version on Windows 10, neither as a drop-in option nor as a layer. I'm 100% running 2020.2.0 (Udon), some of the changes (like renaming Bitmap to Material) in the changelog are also there, but the AI Powered option is not.
Any idea what causes this or how to fix this?

Hi Tarek,

The AI Powered image to material is only available for NVIDIA GPUs, with more than 2GB VRAM.
Could you send me your log file so I can check what’s going on ?
(It is located in %appdata%\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\log.txt)


Hey, that answers it, I have an AMD GPU.