Author Topic: [Solved] Shape Splatter - Vector Map w/ Position?  (Read 1742 times)

Hey all,

Was experimenting with the Shape Spatter node, trying to learn some of the advanced uses of this particular node, especially in relation to how it uses a Vector Map.

I came across something odd with the Position section of the node, there's a Vector Map Multiplier value in there that doesn't seem to do anything. Yes, I do have a Vector Map plugged into the node, and the other Vector Map Multiplier values work fine (Displacement and Scale).

See the attached image for the exact parameter I'm referencing.

Am I using this correctly? Does anyone else have the same problem?

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It works for me

Maybe your vector map has a very low intensity, so you don't see a lot of offset?
Most sliders in Substance designer can be increased by double clicking the number and entering a higher number.

Hey, thanks for your reply!

I discovered it was actually too intense of a distortion, even in small decimals. And since it was throwing pixels off the screen at such low values, I didn't even notice any effect at all.