Author Topic: SD5 - "Check for updates" missing from help menu  (Read 1365 times)

Hey there,

At my studio job, my pro version is missing the "check for updates" button incorporated in to the help menu. It would be a nice feature to have, because in the current implementation, this is causing a lot of unnecessary work for our IT personnel. Every time an update comes out, they have to download the copy manually then do an install on to each computer. It would be better if the end users could just do the update without having to pester our friends in the tech dept :)

Are there any plans to incorporate this kind of functionality? Or perhaps there is a menu option somewhere but I'm not checking the right places?


Hey, thanks for the suggestion: I'll share this with the team

Had the same question.  Painter has a "Check for Updates" and Designer doesn't?  Seems a bit inconsistent.
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