Author Topic: Painter Crashing when attempting to start new project.  (Read 820 times)

Painter keeps crashing when attempting to start a new project.

I go to File > New > Select (to select mesh) file explorer attempts to come up and a few seconds later the whole program crashes.

I've attached logs.

I'll leave the log reviewing to the Substance programmers.

But I was having an issue where Substance Painter would crash at the same point. I would go into the folder where the mesh existed and substance painter would also crash. For whatever reason the obj's had been associated with substance painter . So I searched how to remove associations, removed .obj associations from painter to whatever program windows 10 wants to associate with substance painter, "3d viewer" or some such thing. Once I did that Substance Painter would not crash in regards to that error. (still have substance painter flaking out when opening palettes on wacom cintiq 16, so I compromised and used my non-display 10 year old intuos tablet instead. I'm not going to fight the program. If it won't work on a wacom cintiq, fine, I'll just continue to flawlessly use the cintiq for zbrush/photoshop/everything else).

So you might try:
1.) disassociating objs from substance painter
2.) going into regedit and deleting the substance painter entry

Otherwise wait for the substance painter programmer folks to chime in.

Good luck. Hope you find a solution.

Following this post as I'm having the exact same issue now.

In my case, the issue is ChituBox. If I uninstall it, substance doesn't crash.