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We used the custom workflows to create networks in maya 2018, and it worked perfectly.  We moved our 2018 workflow presets to maya 2020, but the networks did not complete assemebling.  Any nodes after the file nodes did not get created.  I also tested this by creating a default redshift workflow, and then saving the created network as a custom workflow with the same result and error below.

// Error: line 1: KeyError: file C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance in Maya/2020/plug-ins\substance\ui\ line 139: <type 'unicode'> //

we are using maya 2020.2 and the latest install of the plugin.


If you have the workflow python file, I can make sure it runs in the next version.

There was some things that get odd with Python, as the unicode type is removed in Python 3, but default for Python 2.
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Hi Galen,

Great, workflow py files attached.


Code: [Select]
""" Generated workflow module for Substance in Maya """

import substance.ui.base_workflow
from substance.ui.base_workflow import GraphNode

class GeneratedSubstanceWorkflow(substance.ui.base_workflow.SubstanceWorkflow):
    """ Generated workflow script class """
    workflow_name = 'nymbl_RS1'
    to_display = True
    ordering = '0'
    nodes = {
        1 : GraphNode(1, {}, [(u'outColor', 2, u'diffuse_color')], 'remapHsv'),
        2 : GraphNode(2, {u'refl_brdf': 1, u'ms_mode': 1, u'refl_samples': 64, u'version': 1, u'refl_fresnel_mode': 2, u'refr_samples': 64, u'emission_weight': 2.0}, [(u'outColor', 3, u'surfaceShader')], 'RedshiftMaterial', 'shader'),
        3 : GraphNode(3, {}, [], 'shadingEngine', 'set'),
        4 : GraphNode(4, {u'scale': 1.0, u'inputType': 1}, [(u'out', 5, u'baseInput')], 'RedshiftBumpMap'),
        5 : GraphNode(5, {}, [(u'outColor', 2, u'bump_input')], 'RedshiftBumpBlender'),
        6 : GraphNode(6, {}, [(u'outValue', 2, u'diffuse_roughness'), (u'outValue', 2, u'refl_roughness')], 'remapValue'),
        7 : GraphNode(7, {}, [(u'outValue', 2, u'refl_metalness')], 'remapValue'),
        8 : GraphNode(8, {}, [(u'out', 3, u'rsDisplacementShader')], 'RedshiftDisplacement'),

    outputs = [u'baseColor', u'normal', u'roughness', u'metallic', u'height']

    image_attributes = [{u'colorSpace': u'sRGB'}, {u'colorSpace': u'Raw'}, {u'colorSpace': u'Raw'}, {u'colorSpace': u'Raw'}, {u'colorSpace': u'Raw', u'alphaOffset': -0.5}]

    output_connections = {u'height': [(u'outColor', 8, u'texMap')], u'baseColor': [(u'outColor', 1, u'color')], u'roughness': [(u'outAlpha', 6, u'inputValue')], u'metallic': [(u'outAlpha', 7, u'inputValue')], u'normal': [(u'outColor', 4, u'input')]}

Hi Galen,

This little converter helped me and converted my presets to v3 for me.

Thanks for the pointing to this.  I can now update the 2018 plugin aswell.


It looks like we can probably run it through that directly, so we should be able to perform any transformations needed either using that or manually if easy enough and then save back out any workflow files. I'll see what we can do for that.
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