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Just moved this question as I put it in the wrong forum by accident . Here is the question...  Is there a limit to the number of triangles Painter can support in a Mesh ? The reason I ask is,  I have a model of a part of a marine recuction gearbox that I modelled a while back. now I would like to try to texture it in Painter. Set my mesh size to coarse in my Cad translation software  [ it can be user adjusted to any size if need be ] and my edge length to 36mm.  Meshed it no problem but... the mesh has just short of 37 million triangles. would Painter handle that or should I alter my mesh.  I dont know how long it would take to import it into Painter but it meshed in around 4 minutes. there are 26 colours on the model so that would be 26 texture sets . Also I could remove all the inners gears ect as they will not be seen in the painter model.

Why not just load it in and find out?

Trimmed the weight of the model down by leaving out all internals. Now down to 15 texture sets and just over 14 million triangles. [ kept the mesh the same size ] Got to 74 % in unwrapping and Painter did not like it. Crashed.  I have had models with in excess of 100 million triangles for use in FEA  so my thinking is Painter has a limit on the amount of triangles in a mesh. The machine I used for this has the following specs,  128 Gb ECC ram, Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000, and 32 cores so Im sure it's not machine related.  I could try reducing the resolution of my mesh but feel that could / would be counter productive when texturing.  I might have to seek out an acceptable middle ground. Bit of a pest though.

I wouldn't use Painter to auto unwrap your mesh. Try to do that in another application then load it in.

Hi CAGameDEV,   Could you tell me the way to unwrap the model in another software package,  Maybe Blender...if that is possible as I have that on my machine.


I manually unwrap everything using Blender. If you're dealing with a dense mesh it might be daunting task, but you can auto unwrap just set margins and keep aspect ratio, then tick off stretch to UV bounds.

Thanks for the extra info.  14 Million + triangles IS  daunting to say the least lol.  So in order to try and avoid that monumental task I tried importing the model as an OBJ [ FBX was the format that caused it to crash ] so OBJ it was , more in desperation than hope  and success... it unwrapped it fine took approx 7 mins, so not to bad.   Will now go and look for some complete beginner tutorials on Blender [ and I mean complete beginner ] I find most [in fact all ] the ones I have looked at are aimed at folks with at least a working knowledge of mesh models. which rules me out.  What I need to find is for instance ..unwrapping a simple part [ a cube or such like ] and then progress from there.  Fun times ahead I think.