Author Topic: 413 Request entity to large.  (Read 991 times)

Hello All, One for the tech folks,  When trying to post any pics on the Painter forum using Chrome I always get the error 413 Request entity to large.. even though the pic is only 2.3Mb  Yet at CERTAIN  times I have succes [ even with a larger file ] Also strange happenings when using Edge. Even when I am already  on the Painter forum  and I try to post a pic.. I get the error address could not be found ....and I am already on the forum !!!  Could anyoe shed some light on this. as it is a pest not being able to post any pics when asking for advice.  And I should not have to rely on "Pot Luck " as to whether my pics will post or no.

I've honestly just gotten used to using an external service for uploading images because the forums are so unreliable with this.
I use, which lets you just paste screenshots directly on the page (if you're logged in) so you don't even have to save it first
You can still display the image in your post using the insert image button.

Thanks Esger van der Post.    I shall try your suggestion.

No luck at all.  Just get the red rectangle "uploading image " when dragging into my post.  and... if I use the insert image tab there are only these that come in [img] [img]. no images show !

Just some more info, I can post  if my post only contains text,   but as soon as I insert an image the problems start.

The insert image button lets you show an image you upload elsewhere, like I do.
You put the link to the image between the [img] boxes.