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Hey everyone,

I have done some Freebies for Substance Designer. (Done with version 10.1.1) These are a leaking and 2 ornamental generators. The leaking generator can be used to bring more details into your substances and make for example liquids or something else which flows down the wall. It also includes an .sbs of a Maya Trimsheet where I have used the leaking generator. The ornamental generator can be used to make some special ornaments/special artworks or whatever else which needs some really crazy patterns.

You can grab it for free on my gumroad:

Leaking Generator:
Ornamental Generator:

Just type in 0 to grab it for free. Hope you like it and it is useful.

If you want to read some details how it is created you can read it on my artstation blog:

If you want to stay up to date about further free release or content you can also come to my twitter:

Below are some examples, have fun, cheers Martin

These are some examples of the leaking generator and the parameters you can use, it's easy to handle and to customize and I will improve it further over the next days:

These are some examples of the ornamental generators and the parameters you can use, it's also really easy to handle and customize:

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