Author Topic: not able to export opacity map with PBR metal  (Read 948 times)

Hey, guys. I created a new project that has glass in it. I set it up as PBR Metal. When I baked my maps I included an Opacity Map. I did my work and the render in SP looks great. But, when I go to export the texture maps there isn't an Opacity Map. I thought that the opacity must be embedded into the emissive map. So, I exported the textures. I put my mesh and textures into Daz Studio, but I can't seem to get the opacity to work right. So, do I need the opacity map and if so, why didn't it export? If not, what am I missing in DAZ?

Thanks for your help and your thoughts.


I'm fighting my way through SP to DAZ at the moment as well ;-)
You want to add the opacity map in "Texture Set Settings" and add it in your export preset. (I'm still experimenting with the right format, though.) Rendering in SP Iray works; using the generated maps in DAZ, not so much. :-(

Hope this helps.