Author Topic: Specific(weird maybe) ID color map workflow question  (Read 284 times)

Hello everyone,
I couldn't find info about this question around, so here we go. Disclaimer: I am kind of new to this workflow ;D. I use blender and substance painter.
Here's some context: So I have an object and more specifically old tank headlamp. Its is made from 3 separate meshes metal casing, reflector and the glass lens. In blender, they have 3 separate materials with normal maps baked from the high poly meshes. So the question is if I join the meshes can I use a colour id map to tell substance painter that these are different materials, but they also have 3 different 4k res normal maps. The idea behind all that is, so I can have single object made from 3 meshes, and not just parented meshes to one another, and at the same time every mesh to have its own UV space with the normal map. Can id map make that happen? And in general, can I have more than one UV spaces for a single object that is made from separate meshes in painter? I hope I explained it well, it's kinda weird question? Thanks in advance.

The ID map can drive your masking. If you want separate texture sets in blender then join them (keep in mind baking separate pieces - high to low will require splitting), and go to edit mode then assign selections to separate MAT ids.

Painter only works with one UV channel per mesh.
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Thanks for the reply. I will do some testing to see. It's all new to me the texturing part. I've been doing only modelling till now, but I want to dive into texturing as well. :)