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Hi guys,

I am trying to use bitmapmaterial in unity, however when I attach a texture to the sbsar material, it doesn't look clear.

I have attached the model below. Can someone please show me how to create that normal map /bump effect, and still clear?

All I want is to pimp up this model with bitmapmaterial.


Hey, I opened your package, but it seems that it uses "regular materials" (I can't find any sbsar in you zip file).

I think it's because you have to resize the output texture of your sbsar to 1024 to compare.

Then I don't see any difference in precision (just the look is a bit different due to the sbsar settings)

They seems to be already at 1024 size.

go at the bottom of the substance mat and unfol the "generated texture" part (for me they were set at 512)


To use B2M, you just need to drag n'drop the sbsar in your asset folder, and use an image in the "Bitmap Diffuse" input (in your example, I used "water_well_D").
Be also sure to enable the "Specular in alpha (to enable with Unity)" and the resolution in the Substance parameters to have something correctly setup.

You can directly use the material of the Substance, or use your B2M outputs in another material (just drag n'drop the "Bitmap2Material2_Diffuse" and "Bitmaps2Material2_Normal" in a new material).
That's what I did for the "water_well_Mat_B2M_Outputs" material.

Here is a unitypackage than contains a modified version of your scene (I just made a quick setup just to give you an idea, you can of course change how it looks by modifying you Substance parameters). You can import it in a new project using "Assets=>Import Package=>Custom Package". I also add a preview screenshot.

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Hi Gaetan,

Thanks for the scene.

What you have provided does help. But what I want is to see if its possible to get a clear texture when zoomed in close, let say from First person point of view.

Vincent, thanks for your help too.

Hi vincent,

Yes that's what I want, I got an enviro shader which does this. I just wanted to know if its possible with this sbsr material.
Or is it possible to create this detail texture using bitmap2material?

you can create it in substance for sure, but it's has to be a different texture that you tile .

At the end you will have :
  • 1 main texture for your whole object
  • 1 tiling texture for the details
  • Maybe 1 mask if you don't want the micro details everywhere on your object

Just remember, that Substance is generating textures, and that in this case, it's your shader that will do the blending job

As said by Vincent, you can do it by shader using an additional texture.

Another way to do this is to use the "Grunge Maps" from B2M filter (in "Grunge" group).
You'll have the possibility to use different patterns (depending on what you've selected in "Grunge Input") in the channels you want (in the Diffuse, and/or in the Height/Normal).
It's a good way to add some variations/details (be sure to set the B2M size to a high resolution to see those details correctly).
Last thing: we also have a "Bitmap Details" input you can use (with the parameters from the "Detail" group) to add information to your Height/Normal using a custom height map.
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Thanks guys for the help.
I will try the methods put forward above, and will let you know how I go with it.