Author Topic: Substance Designer not exporting 4k  (Read 211 times)

Hi there, i have this issue where i was able to export in 4k with no problem and now just doesn’t. 2k works perfect but when change to 4k, doesn’t export all the graph.
I have 64gb of ram and one Geforce RTX 2080 Ti. No idea what’s going on here.
Thank you.

The tiles move from 2k to 4k.
If i change from 2K to 4K, they move like a new seed, please help....

Hello, my issue with the tiles was that i was using a ton of Flood Fill Random Grayscale for masks, so, something that this node does is to change when the resolution changes, for instance, 2k to 4k, that's why all my tiles where displacing, specially in color. Noob mistake to use 40 masks with this node.