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I have a little question. I imported This leaf Texture into alchemist as bitmap to material.
It created Those b&w background for it. I couldn't find a way to color this background tho? I want it to be greenish.

at the end i want something like that

Is it possible to make this in alchemist?

I just Find out How to make it in Substance designer if anyone interested.

you just need to create distance node and use as inputs color map and opacity map.


Bitmap to Material doesn't handle well the opacity.
If you want, you can transform what you did in Substance Designer and import it as a custom filter in Alchemist. See how to do it here:
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My solution to work with transparencies is to use flaming pear plugin in Photoshop for the Basecolor

Keep my opacity map seperate until I'm ready to pack to my final use area.

Image one is a free scan from just for showcase.

Upon scanning your plant removing your BG, sometimes .PNG transparency is handled differently in different programs (hence folk using tor and tga at Dev level)

You can apply flaming pears ' solidify A' filter in photoshop to bleed the edges. Available at their website under freebies.

I often do this plus pack the transparency so that when I drag it in Alchemist for example, it's clean, and we'll represented in explorer as and any other DCC you may be using.

IMG 1 from textures .com
IMG 2 in Photoshop
IMG 3 after using solidify A.

Substance painter also does a different kind of filling, a few additional steps but works for all maps.

Hope that helps some
Ty Xanders

Will it be useful for you to have a similar effect as the flaming pear plugin of Photoshop in Alchemist?
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