Author Topic: Installing Substance Painter - taking forever?  (Read 2551 times)

It seemed to download just fine, now is stuck at installing for maybe hour already. This is my 2nd attempt to install it, this time I opened Substance Launcher with Admin rights - but no change.

I am installing it into D:\Substance3D\Substance Painter/ <- could this be a problem? I have enough space (400gb+ on both drives), I have freshly updated Win10 installation too. I don't know what to do, should I leave it for night?

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That happened on a free trial account... now I upgraded to paid indie account. I am giving this another go, although I feel like I shouldn't of bought it just yet

Edit: It is late and I am tired, I'll leave this installer running :/ I doubt it will help though. I deleted the old tmp files, I tried to open the new one, which it has downloaded and it said it is being used by another program.

I hope someone can help me out to get Substance installed, I included latest log for this new test

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Sorry for the late answer, we'll start reviewing your logs and try to find out the reason of this behaviour
Thanks for your post, hopefully it will help us resolving this issue !
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Same now on 2020.2.1 for student license , it's 'INSTALLING' since an hour , can you tell me how did you manage to solve this problem if you did ?