Author Topic: Can the launcher check if an app update is already downloaded before installing  (Read 1572 times)

Hi guys!

I'm having a recurring issue where I can't set up an unassisted install of software updates via the Substance Launcher.

What happens is the update downloads successfully, but if I'm not around to accept the UAC window before installing it eventually times out - meaning I have to start over from scratch which sadly includes having to re-download the installer.

At over 1gb a pop for both Painter and Alchemist it gets time consuming, especially if you've missed the UAC window a few times in a row! (Not to mention costly if you're on a data cap)

Proposed solutions:
- Launcher checks if the installer in question has already been downloaded, and just installs from there instead of re-downloading
- Launcher requests UAC permission up front so that the download and install go on without a hitch (don't know if that's possible)
- Launcher makes installation an optional two-step process, download then install (also separating the automation of downloading and installing, so you have a choice)
- Launcher itself asks for UAC privilege so it can install updates without permission (not really preferable for security reasons, but an option nonetheless)

Given the potential trickiness of UAC, I'd say the first solution is probably the simplest to implement.

If this already exists and I'm simply not aware of it, please let me know. Otherwise I'd love to know your thoughts - it's a pain for me as a freelancer, I can only imagine how it must be for a studio with multiple PCs to deploy to.

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Hi Dan !

Indeed it is a good idea, I'm adding this one in our backlog and we'll find a way to fix this issue !
Won't be in our next 1.6 release but should definitely be in the next 1.7 ;)

Just saw this! A belated thanks :)