Author Topic: Substance Painter won't install - Error: "Substance Painter didn't download"  (Read 3377 times)

I'm tying to install Substance Painter through the substance launcher (6.1.2) and everytime it finishes downloading the 1.82GBs it stops before installing and I get the following error in the notification bar:

"Download Failed
Substance Painter didn't download. Retry?"

I've tried downloading it 3 times now and it doesn't work. I installed Designer a few days back just fine.
I've tried installing a previous version, 6.1.1, and still no luck.
It's clearly downloading something, so the error message seems incorrect and I have no idea who to get around it.

I really need to get this working today, anyone got any ideas?
Texturing Artist - MPC

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your message
We are currently investigating on this matter thanks to a log file shared on this post :,32305

We will hopefully find the reason of this unwanted behaviour

any update on this? one of our artists are also getting these messages.

From our understanding most of the time the issue is on the Painter installer side and not on the Launcher side
But each installation scenario is different so it's difficult to be general

Usually this error message in the log file means the Painter installer failed to install :
[error] Error installing product 593a68d1cbb0d9002ed3173d with code 5

In this scenario using the installer directly (through your account on should not solve the issue.

If you fail installing Painter this way the best course of action is to contact the support directly. It can be due to some out of date graphic card drivers for example, or several other reasons the support can help you to understand and maybe resolve