Author Topic: need help about managing physical scale.  (Read 807 times)


I want to create a substance with 2 different diffuse texture.
I've found how to switch from one texture to the other, and how exposing the choice in the final renderer.

My issue is that my 2 textures don't have the same physical dimension, and I was wondering if it is possible to edit this in the shader, in order to place the shader once, and the texture fit the right scale.

Many Thanks

Without knowing what renderer you have in mind, it’s difficult to answer.

Most shaders have some function that would allow you to add two user variables and a switch, and adjust the tiling depending on the output from the .sbsar

Substance graphs, even really complex ones, can’t produce more than a texture set with specific pixel dimensions - some internal nodes have the concept of physical scale, but this information isn’t normally included in the output.

It is theoretically possible to add it as metadata to the .sbsar, (described here) but it looks to be a pretty horrible process.