Author Topic: New Activation system with SD 4.6  (Read 9945 times)

Hi all,

We released today in Substance Designer 4.6 our new activation system that we’ve been working on for quite some time now.
This system was introduced with Substance Painter, and was ported (and improved) for Substance Designer: you just need to upload a license file when you launch the software, that’s all. No more customer ID/license key to enter.

This new system should have only benefits for you:
- The old activation system was bugged on some computers, forcing you to contact us to reset the activations. This will not happen anymore. We know lots of you guyz will be happy about it :)
- You don’t need to contact us anymore when you want to install Substance Designer on another computer. You just need to install it and upload the license file.
- Floating licenses are available thanks to this new system. They are not publicly sold on the website, please contact us if you are interested in them.
- Other new things to come with it in the next months :)

We tested this system as much as we could, but if for any reason you have some problems contact us ASAP at so we can help you.

Head of Product Management

Oh cool, I knew something felt different. Good to know, thanks guys.

Not sure if this is due to the new system, or just my infamiliarity with SD.
I've updated SD (indie) and the last few times, it has required me to download a new license key after installing the latest update. I guess I just expected that given it's an update it would just use my original key.
If this is normal, that's no problem, I can easily get the key from my account and after inputting the key SD works fine, just really wanting confirmation that this is normal behaviour.

as I noticed, the license file is linked to my email address, not my account / name. So, what happens when my email address changes? Is it possible to receive a new license file, if -for some reason- I don't want the outdated address to appear in my program?


This is linked to the email address which is on your account.
You can contact us if you need to generate a new file.

Head of Product Management