Author Topic: Paint brush not working  (Read 283 times)

Hi, I am new to Substance painter, I just downloaded free trial and paint brush should work by default so far I know but it's not.

I didn't change any settings, if I choose anything from materials I can paint it but not the colour, the brush stroke is not displayed under 'properties - paint' on the right side and if I change brush colour it's not showing that either.

What GPU do you have? Can you export a log file?

Usually if you cannot see colors it is because your GPU doesn't meet the requirements... assuming you're painting on a layer?

I found what was wrong

The problem was GPU related as you suggested, I have updated Nvidia driver installed that meets the requirements, but I discovered that it wasn't connected to my monitor, I had to switch the monitor cable at the back of my computer and connect it to the right place !

Thank you for your help