Author Topic: Can't buy a 1 year indie subscription with paypal at all ?  (Read 606 times)

All I wanted to do, was to buy a 1 year indie annual subscription for substance products from the cash collected on my PayPal account. Instead, it was refused because, there's need for credit card. This payment methood, have no sense then... Is there really no way I can subscribe to Substance while paying from PayPal only ?

Unfortunately Paypal doesn't support subscriptions in some countries and we have no control over it at the moment :(

I am from germany and do pay Google and Dropbox monthly via Paypal.
Even if you don't get that working. I am paying my Adobe Cloud with direct debit, why is there no option for that on the substance site?

I guess Dropbox and Google are big enough that Paypal is willing to let them use it for subscriptions. They haven't given us the same options as Allegorithmic. Hopefully things will change now that we are Adobe.

I also tried using my paypal to purchase the 1 year indi license.

The transaction doesn't show up in my paypal account and in the subscription page of my substance 3d account, it says this:
"Pending - waiting for approval by Paypal"

I have the feeling though that if I do nothing, then the transaction won't go through, since it doesn't appear as an activity in paypal.

I was able to purchase a flipped normals tutorial through this paypal method and I know I have a lot more than $219 (the cost of the 1 year subscription) on the card linked to my paypal.

I've run into issues before using the type of visa card I have linked to my paypal account. It is a gift card purchased with cash so it's very secure to use online.

Unfortunately, many online business deny this type of card because it won't be reused indefinitely for recursive payments. For the annual payments, I would prefer to just by a different card to swap at at the end of the year.

Unfortunately, I don't usually buy things online unless I can use this secure method. I may be able to continue using Substance trial version though, as a hobby. This is great software, which is why I was willing to pay the annual fee.

Please send an email to, we may be able to help.

Thank you for your reply, Jeremie.
I sent a message to based on your instruction.

I'm still very interested in substance 3D products if there is a way to make the payment through the secure visa gift card, on its own, or hooked up to paypal. If not, then I understand, as well.

Have a great weekend!