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The fact that the latest post on here is April 2019 isn't reassuring.
Anyway,  I had played around with B2M in Max2018 briefly, now I am using Max2020 in earnest and going through the Substance in 3DS Max for Arnold videos on LinkedIn Learning.  The Sunstance2 material did not show up, so I downloaded and installed the Substance In Max2020 plugin from Substance (by Adobe).  The Substance2 material now appears.  The tutorial briefly showed Substance materials showing up in the 3DS Max Asset Library.  It does not show up in mine.  This link from this website talks about how great it is.  It never mentions how to make it happen. (  I can access the Source directly, so I'm not overly concerned with this, but if you know why, I wouldn't mind learning the answer.  I do have a license to the complete package from Substance btw (Alchemist, Designer, Paint etc).

Continuing with the tutorial, he loads B2M3-1.sbar into the Substance2 material, then loads a grass texture into a bitmap from the exercise assets. Selecting the Substance2 material, where there were only outputs, a set of inputs appears above the outputs (connection dots on the upper left as well as the output dots at the lower right).   When I select the Substance2 material, I never get the expanded import nodes.  So I can go no farther in the tutorial.  Why is that? The B2M3-1.sbar is from 2019, when I was running an earlier MAX, so I thought maybe the SubstanceInMax2020 file I just installed created a B2M3-1 substance package appropriate for Max2020. I do not see that anywhere.  What does SubstanceInMax2020 do, in it's entirety.  I know it made Substance2 available in Max2020.  Is that all?  Had I not already had B2M3-1.sbar from an early 2019 installation, wouldn't I have gotten that from the SubstanceinMax2020 install?  The product website is so vague on all this.  Seems like it was working when it was Allegorithmic and now that it is Adobe, thinks are broken and I'm just confused.

Any ideas as to my issues in the above?
Responses appreciated.  Thanks.

Sorry, we from the integrations team normally don't look in the B2M section, since we have the 3ds Max section, but I work on the 3ds Max plugin, so I can help there.

The Max Asset library integration of Substance Source was not part of the plugin, but something done by Autodesk. It is now deprecated by Autodesk, I think in 3ds Max 2020, so the tutorial there is outdated.

You can access Source materials through the Substance Launcher, and it has the ability to send assets to 3ds Max when it is open. Alternatively, you can use the source website.

For the inputs, can right click the substance2 node after loading the b2m sbsar and use show/hide slots to display the inputs you need?

The video is from the beta plugin back in 2017, I think the way inputs are exposed in the node editor has been how it now since the 2.0 release in 2018.
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