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Hello everyone,
I'm new to world of game graphics and I was wondering if someone could recommend me some books for absolute beginners. I already tried the Tutorials on this page but I quickly realized that I need a lot more than just a couple of manuals in order to really understand what I'm doing. For my little Unity games it is enough to just play around to get acceptable results but I would like to understand what I'm doing and why I get better results doing it that way.

So, does anyone know some good books about fundamentals?

Hey Mike,
This is a tough question as 3D world is vast, and if you are a pure beginner Substance may be not the best place to start, except if you only want to focus on texturing...

Personally, Youtube  can be your friend (Blender is a good software to start learning), as there is a lots of good tutorials.

The problem with bokks is that they are fastly outdated.

Hey vincent, thx for the reply
I already have some experience with 3Ds max, but can you recommend a good youtube channel which covers texturing? I've found a couple that mostly focus on "showing" things instead of "explaining" them, that's why I was hoping for a book recommendation.

I've heard that Luke Ahearns "3D Game Textures" should be good but I'm not sure if it's for beginners.

Watch Wes's videos. Although some say he talks too fast, the man knows how to pack very good substance into is videos.  :P

I was watching him back when he did Unity videos and stuff. I have learned a HUGE amount from what he says and by watching what he does in the videos, even his mistakes gives you insight into what to do.

My advice is watch the Getting started tutorials like 10 times over the span of a month, just watch them, listen and don't even try to apply what he is doing until you get it. In the 3D world, forcing art from a green technical level will just frustrate you.

If you really want to master this SD and SP and grow artistically, watch the videos like they are a class.

I am very grateful of all Wes's tuts, I hope he keeps them up at the level he does, not to mention he is a great technical artist.

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thx for the advice, I 'll look into it

Agree with TeotiGraphix : allegorithmic youtube channel is the best place to start, especially the getting started substance designer playlist :