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Hello folks,   Attached is a model I created, and rendered it in Keyshot.  I really would like to create some edge wear  on certain areas. What would be the simplest way to achieve this in Substance Painter ?  I was thinking.. could I apply a steel metal for the main body, then a Paint layer on top , then somehow wear away areas at certain edges.  I would need also to show that the paint has some thickness and not just flat.  Sounds simple but    I'm not really "clued " up on Substance Painter.  I am more of an Mcad guy. 


Just look on Youtube there are hundreds of tutorials.

Thanks mudoglu 0    Problem with some of the videos is that my user interface is different from the ones on almost all videos.
Also,  I am looking for one that will explain in simple terms what I need to achieve.  They always [ almost always ] go off at a tangent ,  and start explaining parts that are not relevant to me  in achieving what I want.  I will continue to trawl the net to see if I can find one that deals only with my requirements.


You can just use one of the smart masks as a base to start from. Make sure you have baked the mesh maps. As you already said, create a metal layer first, put the paint layer (fill layer) on top (put it into a group), then drag-and-drop one of the smart masks onto the group of the paint layer. Modify the height channel of the paint fill layer to give the paint some depth.
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Hello Volker,  Have created a test cube to try your suggestion and the result is just what I want, so many thanks.  My big problem now is.. when I import the real model into Painter the round surfaces are showing lots of facets.  I tried attaching a screenshot but get the message unable to reach the forum. So I don't know if this will make it through.

Just tried again to post a screenshot but no luck, "unable to reach the forum" message [ again ] my post prior to this was posted ok. but not the one with attachments , very strange.

You probably need to create smoothing groups for your model.

Hi Volker,  I have just went to the OBJ export settings in the Cad programme  and there is a area where I can adjust the smoothness  ect.   I think I have went for too smooth a setting as is taking ages to convert in Painter.  10minutes so far and it is only at 2 %. I also did all the internals gears ect... I should have left them out as they are not needed fot the Painter project. I may wait until its done ( god knows how long) or redo the export settings in Solid Edge so they are not such a tight tolerance and also leave out the internals from the model.  8 % now.. and that is with 128 GB ram and a Quadro RTX 5000!!

Downloaded a Cad converter and now I can take the model into Painter as an FBX file, comes in perfect,  no need to change any settings, very quick. My previous attempts were using OBJ format and was a pain in the neck, jumping through hoops just to get the model into Painter and when it did come in it was terrible even at the finest settings.  So this converter is a big boost.  Still cant post any attachments here...  very strange .

Perfect import.