Author Topic: Glitched UV Map on 2D View  (Read 71 times)

I've been coloring this model in 3D view since i've imported it from zBrush in the last few hours.
Now I open the 2D view in order to add some details but as you can see 9/10 tools are glitched.

As you can see from this video I can actually "paint" on the 2D view but... it's a total mess.

I also try to export those maps on Photoshop but the file looks the same as you can see on substance painter.

I've read somewhere that if I disable hardware accellerator I could've solve the problem, so I tried that as well and restart but with no success.

I've no other idea and honestly, I'm trying to avoid on painting it back from 0.
Any way to fix this problem?
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I suspect this is the actual UVs of the mesh. You should check in zBrush how your UVs are unwrapped, or use the new automatic UV unwrapping settings to generate new UVs for your mesh. See:
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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