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Hi, not sure if I missed a post that addressed this, but I'm using alchemist to quickly batch export texture maps to use inside of houdini and while the process is straightforward it ends up being a pain due to spaces being generated in all the file paths and on the subfolders it creates for each material (instead of underscores). Right now I have to rename everything and replace the spaces with underscores in order for the path to evaluate correctly, which kind of makes the alchemist package less handy for my particular use case.

Any insights outside of using a file renamer after I batch these out would be greatly appreciated!



Which version are you using?
We released with the 2020.1 (2.1) a new export window that should help you with your issue:

You can create your own export preset with your proper naming...
If you have any questions, don't hesitate!
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Alchemist does not add spaces, unless your material name contains spaces. In the export popup, if you change the value in "Name" textfield to remove the spaces, you will have no spaces in the generated file names.
Furthermore, depending on your workflow, you could change the export preset (using Blender Cycle preset generates maps with no space in them)