Author Topic: 3ds Max Multi Tile UVs  (Read 5281 times)

It looks that way because of texel density... Those rivets barely have enough UV space to be detailed. Normal maps require enough resolution and texel density to look good.

Even if I make that part continuous to the high poly geo it still struggles a bit.

I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Ahh, okay. That makes sense. I'm currently experimenting with stamps, so I'll probably use those instead. If all else fails, I'll try playing with the UVs. Maybe give the parts that need it their own UV tile. :)

Right, so I've been following these two tutorials on making the stamps -

- and in Maya, the guy puts a plane at the back so that renders out a Normal too. In my case, that's no good for the first rivet, as it just looks like a button and doesn't have the outer rim.

So by not having that, I'm guessing my background is using an Alpha Channel and displays it correctly, like so:

The problem though, is taking it into Photoshop and inverting the Green channel, as Substance uses DirectX instead of OpenGL. Doing that gives me a nasty green background in the RGB channel.

Never mind, I'm just being gullible as usual.  :-[ Only had the realisation this morning to just remove the green background using the Magic Wand Tool and hey-presto - transparent background. ::)