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For a project, I need to download SBSARs to a server with the webrequest Unity class. But it's impossible to convert bytes to substanceGraph.

How can I convert my bytes to substanceGraph?

thank you for your reply !

Are you trying to load it in the game at runtime or into the editor from a web server? The plugin does not have a way to take a raw sbsar in memory.

If in the editor, you'll need to write the bytes out to a file and move the file into the project for unity to import it.

If at runtime, Unity has a system to do something similar with its asset bundles, so I think you should look at using those.

Someone else might have a better answer, I'll see if I can get them to look.
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I am also trying to achieve the same thing but not able to get it work. Please let me know if you have got any solution to make it work.


It is not quite clear what you are trying to do from your post. Are you trying to download a file into a buffer and then hot load it? Is this in editor or game?
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