Author Topic: Designer License upgrade  (Read 127 times)



I have 2 outdated Designer licenses. I want to renew and get the latest version:

Substance Designer 5 (License to upgrade)
Substance Designer perpetual indie license 2018 version (Purchase maintenance)

My question is which one I should choose, Upgrade or Maintenance? Which one would give me Substance Designer 2020? Does it matter or are they the same thing?


Am I correct in understanding that the upgrade/renewal option will be gone in october 2020? Read about it somewhere and want to make sure. If I wait with upgrading until september instead of right now, do I get updates for longer or is the october version the last one anyway?

Hi, you can upgrade either really, both options should give you a new year of maintenance with the latest version.
And indeed the maintenance upgrade option will be available until October this year. If you upgrade in October 2020, you will get free updates until October 2021.