Author Topic: applying baked AO to metalness channel - issues  (Read 1030 times)

Hi all, new to this forum.

I baked out the textures out of my project geo, so I have the AO from it. I also have a flat png file that I brought into a fill layer to use as a part of my metalness channel. What I am trying to do is use the AO to multiply over the metalness map to darken the cracks to reduce it's reflectivity. I tried bringing the AO map into another fill layer on top, and setting it to multiply. This works for the color channel, but not the metalness. When I view the metalness only in the viewport, it is all black.

It seems to not be working correctly. Is there some proper way to do this? I also tried adding an ambient occlusion generator to this metalness layer, and setting it to multiply mode. All it does is show the AO, but it doesn't layer it over the map. It simply overtakes the layer output for this channel.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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