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Is it possible to provide the SBS files for some of the alchemist filters like Moss Splatter?  They have behaviors that are really create for blending within alchemist but I have not been able to come up with how to replicate some of their features so that I could make a different type of moss splatter, for example - lichen.  Also, the "rules" for how these filters should behave seems complex enough that SBS files could serve as a temporary stand-in for more detailed documentation.


Seriously agree.......... 

It's a legitimate point.
We're evaluating the feasibility to share them. In the meantime, if you have specific requests regarding some existing filters and new filters, don't hesitate.

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+1 for that :)

Hi, just wondering if there's been any update on this? Would really be great to see how these things are built.

I'm specifically interested in the Pavement Pattern filter and the Moss Splatter filters, but I think it would be very educational to be able to look through any of these filters to see how they were created.

Are you interested in how to create filters for Substance Alchemist or how the pavement/moss filters are done?

The Alchemist filter template is now available per default in the last version of Substance Designer.

There are still technical constraints for us to share SBS files of our content. It's something we still have in mind.
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Thanks, I'm more just interested in just browsing through the graph for these filters to learn how they were implemented (more specifically how they seem to blend so nicely with the underlying materials). I realize the techniques in them are likely nothing groundbreaking as far as substance goes, and could probably be learned elsewhere as well. But for someone just starting out learning the substance workflow, i think the more opportunities to see how these types of things are implemented the better.

I had also just started building basically this exact pavement filter in designer (for use with a hand authored tile pattern) so I figured having the source for the pavement graph would be a nice head start there. But alas, it seems I'll just continue trying to puzzle through it from other available graphs out there.

If the technical constraints of sharing these SBS files can be overcome, I think it would be really useful to have access to the source.