Author Topic: Quixel-like BRIDGE for Substance Share to auto create materials for Apps  (Read 142 times)

   Hi there. I am learning Unreal, and this is becoming bigger and bigger for everyone. And Quixel guys are gain a lot of space. You guys probably know that.

    BTW, i am a hard user of SP and SD, but to be honest never tackled much the workflow with substance Share and 3D Apps, so MAYBE there's already something like this around. Pardon me, if so.
    I am a heavy user of Substance tools, but i just tested Quixel-Bridge app and that thing is pretty MAGIC. You pick up one material from Quixel Library, then you choose "Export". Pick your 3D App from a List, and press EXPORT. And BAM ! Your asset is merged into your open scene, and the materials are created for the render you picked from a list ! With all needed maps already plugged in.
     I have to say. That thing works and it's a HUGE time saving thing. If you are not exporting an ASSET, lets say, just a material, it merges into your Open Max Scene a new material. So you can just drag it into an object.
    When you choose your App and render, it shows you a command line to run a Python Script (At least in Max) that installs the bridge pluging that makes the magic possible. After that you can just go head and pick things from their library and press export. If you have your max scene open, things starts to get merged there in a beat.

     Would be amazing to have something "like this" for Substance apps (And/or) Substance Share + 3D Apps. I know that is not a easy thing. Requires a lot of changes probably and work. But ... Worth checking that workflow.
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Marcelo Souza

Currently, you can send a Substance Source asset to the 3ds Max integration and Maya integrations from the Substance Launcher, although it does not yet allow you to apply the connection to shader networks. This is something we will want to add later, along with possibly adding custom shader networks like we do in Maya.

It shouldn't be too hard for us to add some strong functionality like that, but we're currently looking at changing how workflow management is done in Maya, and possibly adding the custom workflows to 3ds Max, so we will want anything we do to work with those. We'll need to coordinate with launcher team to roll out any final result.

We will be extending this to Substance Share after some changes are made to it. Adding share will be all on the Launcher side, there shouldn't need to be any changes to the plugin for that to be added.
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