Author Topic: Default "" at start for Autosave  (Read 1020 times)

   I know that i could be called "lazy", but from time to time i start a Substance Project without saving it, and then i get so sucked by the rush of focus on it that i constantly forget about saving the project like after 1h of working. And, not rarely, my Substance Designer eventually crash (usually when i keep switching back and forward from OGL and iRay render) and bam. Everything is gone. Since the Autosave feature can't help me if i never saved the project.
    Would be very nice if as soon we start a project, a temporary " could be saved inside documents or any default substance folder, so when this happen we could save our ideas from there and save it properly as a project.
    Sometimes i don't save something because i am just sketching and testing thing, but then it turns out in something cool, or a great finding, and BAM, lost everything...
     I KNOW, it's my fault, but i will let that as a suggestion anyway. ;) Would be very kind for chaotic artists (like me).
Marcelo Souza

Oh. Gee. SORRY. See. My attention lack so much that i posted this in the wrong Forum.

    Could someone (Admin) delete it for me.
Marcelo Souza