Author Topic: EGPU not working on Mac OSX Catalina  (Read 388 times)

Just so I am not banging my head against a brick wall is someone able to definitively tell me about EGPU support for Mac OS and the Substance suite of apps. I have a Sonnet breakout box running an AMD Radeon Pro WX9100 card. This works in many of my 3D apps including C4D and Blender. It also works with AE and Premiere as well as Final Cut Pro. According to Apple this is a configuration that is fully supported. And according to Substance EGPU's are valid if supported by Apple.
However I get zero happening in Alchemist when it starts up and in fact it begins to beachball on launch. Painter actually opens but the interaction in the viewport is dreadful. When I release the EGPU by disconnecting in the menu, Alchemist will work as well as Painter. I have of course checked the prefer external GPU as per the instructions.

My operating system is Catalina 10.15.6 and Substance Alchemist and Painter are the latest versions. Using them on a MacBook Pro 15inch 2018

Any help would be greatly appreciated