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Hi. I need assistance with accessing Substance Share. I was able to access it before, but now it will not accept my login credentials. I use the same login information as I do to sign into my substance account. Is the login for Substance Share different now? There's no option to reset one's login info on Substance Share or contact support. I'm contacting you for assistance. Thank you for your help.


Sometimes it looks like there are issues with the login on Share.
The only fix that seems to work most of the time is to go to the Substance website, change your password linked to your Substance account  to a new password with no special characters and then log back to share with your new password.
PO @ Allegorithmic

Same thing, Substance Share doesn't recognize my login. There is no password recovery option on the Substance Share site.

If i click on create new account it takes me off site to an Adobe page, i create an account with a simple password, i now have an account at Adobe Substance, i go back to Substance Share and try those login credentials.

Same thing again, its like i don't have an account with Substance Share and it is a completely separate entity, like a fake site that you cannot log into and if you try and create an account it takes you to sign up to an Adobe site that has nothing to do with the substance share site.

If you go to Substance Share through the link in the Adobe site, while logged in it takes you to the Substance Share site logged out and it starts this circular crap of not being able to log in no matter what.

Adobe shenanigans, from other comments on this it seems to me Substance share is dead fakery which just redirects to Adobe as its been going on Since Adobe took over and it has never been fixed despite promises to fix it more than a year old.

@Intrepid3D the Substance Share account is the same account as Substance 3d website.
The way to change your password is to go to this page on the substance3d website.
Please put the adress email in the box, you will receive an email asking you to create a new password.
Chose a new password with no special characters and then log back to share with your new password.
PO @ Allegorithmic