Author Topic: Question pertaining to UV islands/Seams  (Read 197 times)

Hi guys!  Senior artist here and love the idea of a auto-unwrapper for mundane work, however when I was trying it out... I noticed so far in all my tests, it unwraps the model as one UV island.  Is this how it currently behaves or am I perhaps doing something wrong on my end?

If the object is made of multiple pieces, the pieces will be their own islands, but still as extremely warped and merged isles.  I even did a test on a simple cube and this occurs.

Just thought to ask perhaps if I'm doing something wrong with importing the models perhaps.  I use FBX and Maya. 

Thanks for any help!

Sorry, forgot to include my log here just in case -

If you want good UVs don't use Auto tools period. As much as I like Substance Painter I wouldn't touch their auto unwrap, even for a rectangle.

The log file you need is here:

You should also include the mesh if you can.

The "log" information you provided just states that your driver is outdated.

Auto unwrapper doesn't work well for very simple objects like that cube, it will actually work better with more complex geometry. But as said, stay away from this entirely, it doesn't really make sense to use this at all in my opinion, there simply are no cases where you want a subpar UV layout for your models.
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