Author Topic: SD & Octane Cinema 4d workflow  (Read 2312 times)


I have just bought this substance from Jonathan BENAINOUSPRO.

I want to use this within Octane for Cinema 4d. Within the download he has kindly supplied the textures I am hoping to plug into my material over in Cinema 4d/Octane:

Base Color

How do I use these to successfully make my material look like his as you can see on his artstation page? I understand basecolor height normal roughness, but where I am having trouble are the metallic parts (please see attached image of my nodes)

After researshing in the forums, a few posts point to using an Octane material from their live database, however it is a bit confusing as their node tree does not really offer any clues how to actually use it? (please see attached image of this aswell)

How do I successfully implement something I create in SD using Cinema 4d / Octane guys?


UPDATE - just tried the substance loader plugin within cinema 4d, and then converting the native c4d material it makes into an octane material. This does not work as it keep the substance bespoke nodes, which crashes Octane. I though I could at least replace these nodes with matching image textures, but still get less then desirable results in quality, and a lack of the nice metallic / finish as per the examples in the links above from Jonathan.

I realise he uses Marmoset (I think) but was hoping for better results than what I am getting...disappointment

To make an object as metallic you need to use the metallic octane material, or  universal material,   you can plug in the metallic on those