Author Topic: sbsar library viewing solution?  (Read 4258 times)

After doing a decent amount of digging for this I cannot find an application like the Substance Viewer that we can use to manage our library of substances. Has anyone found a solution for this issue?

Substance Viewer:

Hey, in which way do you want to manage your sbsar ?
Personnaly I use the windows explorer and Substance Designer or Player to vizualize them.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the reply, I'm looking for a method by which my team can have a thumbnail gallery for the hundreds of substances we have in our library.

The only solution for this I found was to import all ~700 into a substance painter project but that looked like it was going to take time in the order of hours to produce all of the thumbnails.

Have you modified your windows explorer to generate thumbnails for .sbsar files?

I tried using SD as you suggested, adding our library path to the prefs and, this seems like it'll do the trick.

Do you know a way I can make the thumbnails 3d instead of 2d? Image attached showing what I'm talking about.

This solution will work for what I need. If anyone else ends up trying this and thumbnails look to not be generating, close and reopen SD and they'll show.

Hi again: thumbnails are generated manually within Substance Designer.
if it's your own sbs, you can edit the icon by going to the graph attributes and choose the icon you want:

Hi, I'm reviving this topic after 4 years as I couldn't find a proper solution to the same problem.
I don't own Substance Designer, what do you suggest in that case? I would like to display preview of my .sbsar files library.