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I've noticed, that since a couple versions ago, if I'm working on several subgraphs and a master graph, if I happen to forget to reduce the parent size to 256 before I jump over to my master graph, Substance Designer will hang pretty much indefinitely, and if I exit the software, it keeps running and I have to Ctrl Alt Delete to end process before I'm able to launch it again. While it is hung up, I'm able to do stuff, the nodes just won't compute, or take ages to (way longer than normal).

In previous versions, I could quickly just jump back to the subgraph and fix the issue, and the graphs would all recompute nicely, but now everything just hangs, and will continue to hang and use resources on my computer even after I close SD. It's simple enough to kill the process and clean up my methods, trying to never make this mistake, but I'm just wondering why this is happening now. Is there some new setting that I should toggle on to help this issue?

I'd like to add that every node is unresponsive while the calculations are happening. It used to be that you could see each node resolving down the chain. Can anyone else confirm they are having any kinds of issues like this? It seems to be taking ages longer to calculate as well.

I'd like to add that saving, closing, and reopening the package does not help, Substance Designer is stuck indefinitely until I end process, it continues to hog resources well after I have closed to program the conventional way.

Is there a way to refresh the computation?

Does this happen with just one particular graph or with any?

If it's just the one graph you may have a node that gets stuck computing. This can happen to nodes like tile generators when you (accidentally) set the the number of tiles to something extremely high.
A pixel processor with a very large number of sample nodes can also cause a similar crash.

If your graph is very large you could also just be running out of memory. You can allocate a larger budget to substance designer through edit>preferences>General>memory budget

It happens on any graph, and the graphs aren't complex. This behavior in SD seems relatively new, as in previous versions, changing the graph parent size would always recompute successfully, even if you would change it before the entire sequence had computed.

This is still a major issue for me.

Does Substance continue to compute nodes in referenced sub graphs? I have a feeling it is hanging because it is computing nodes between several different graphs if they are referenced.
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Are you working with the "Contextual graph editing" enabled ? (yellow message in the bottom left side of the UI)
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Hi Nicolas thanks for the reply,

Are you referring to this?

Edit > Preferences > Graphs > "Enable Graph Editing in Context (experimental, will affect performance)."

I have it unchecked, never checked it on before. I do see the yellow text in the bottom corner though, saying "referenced by loaded graphs." I usually see this when I'm doing exactly that, referencing graphs in other graphs. But like I said before, I used to do this a lot with no problems. If I forgot to reduce the parent size in my subgraph before loading into my master, it wouldn't make SD get stuck and require a scene reset and sometimes an "End Process." Now even if I go back into the subgraph and correct the mistake, no nodes will compute, everything is stuck.
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Could you send me a package where you experience the issue ?
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It is a problem that is occuring in any graph/subgraph, not limited to one package. I can recreate the problem with Substance Source assets.