Author Topic: Need help with procedurals- display quality  (Read 970 times)

Hi, I'd really appreciate help with my procedural. Probably it has something to do with Scaling.
I have this gum model, when I plug a Cells3 into the 'height' it looks like this with scale(and hardness) = 1.

Obviously the scale is off and I would need much more detail[img width=960 http://

Here it is with a scale of 2047( why 2047 btw?)

Why does scaling affect the procedural?
many thanks

No idea whats going on here. Cells3 procedural looks very differently, also no idea what that scale value is about. Maximum for the noise scale parameter should be 256.

Upload the geometry somewhere please, and also post a log file (Help -> Support -> Export Log).

Thank you, Volker.
Here's the link to the model:

I attached the log