Author Topic: Parameter to control the opacity of the QuickMask  (Read 1703 times)

Hi there, currently is a bit difficult to draw with a quick mask in material mode, it would be great to be able to control both it's opacity and color.


I'm just learning Painter (V1.2.2) and think you are talking about the problem I'm having. I'm following Substance Painter Tutorial #4- Texturing the body:Part Two (@ time=2:57) and when I'm in 'Using Quick Mask' mode, I can't see what I'm painting because the stroke is so faint in Material mode. If I go into 'Base Color' mode, I can see the full color density and see what I've painted. If I could see the wireframe in 'Base Color' mode that would help but you can't see the wireframe in that mode as far as I can tell. I can click on 'Geometry Decal' and show the wireframe but then can't paint.

What's the correct way to paint in 'Quick Mask' and be able to see what you are doing?
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