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I'm not sure if I am either a dummy or if something has changed about this node recently, but I can't seem to figure out how scaling works with Shape Splatter anymore, and it seems very limited. It seems to be arbitrarily capped at a value of 5, so what do you do if you want to make each tile bigger than 5? There is also no readily apparent way to increase the density of the splatter either

Like say I'm happy with the scale from a specific x and y amount, how do I then crank up the density of the splatter without changing the scale?

The wonderful Hugo Beyer illustrates this issue at minute 56 in this video:

Maybe I'm not understanding how to use the input maps properly, but I suspect something is up with the node.

I guess I'll resort back to using the Tile Sampler, but I would love to have the splatter data to work with.
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I was wondering about the same. It is possible to remove the clamping by selecting Shape Splatter node -> "Open Reference" -> Select graph -> find Scale in input parameters and set Clamp to false.

I did this, and was able to scale beyond 5 — but after reaching a certain scale shapes just stop increasing in size, so I reckon this is the limitation to the algorithm itself.