Author Topic: Is there any way to use .tbsky (Marmoset panorama) in Substance Painter?  (Read 6771 times)

I just bought some panoramas from the Marmoset Toolbag website hopping that I can use them inside of Substance Painter but turns out the file type is .tbsky only, which means it can only be used with marmoset  >:( but I wanted to used them with Substance! Is there any way to convert the panoramas/hdri I bought in a format I can use in other Applications?

EDIT: Nvm guys I'm sorry I will answer myself  :-\ turns out the in the mail I've got after purchasing the Images there were 2 types of pack files to download one pack were the .tbsky file extension and one extra pack with the .hdr extension I've got confused with the way the links were set and the ones I wanted which were the HDRs were in between the .tbsky Sorry for bothering you  :'(
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