Author Topic: Unwrap, auto unwrap, smart unrap always a problem  (Read 1279 times)

I've read posts in the forum but still need a little help.
Unwrapped with live turned on..
Unwrapped with Live turned off...
Smart UV project...

I can't find the error.

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No idea what I'm looking at here. What does "Unwrapped with live turned on" mean?

You did not describe with a single word what the actual problem is. There is some strange looking reflection going on on this middle part of the propeller, that much I see. Question is about that? I don't know what this is supposed to look like, so I can't tell you what the problem could be.

Upload the geometry somewhere, I will take a look at it...

oh...crap!  lol.  I meant this for the blender forum.   Sorry.

The references of unwrapping are blender UV options.

Sorry about that.  Can picture you guys scratching your head.  WTF!???

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