Author Topic: UI and usability improvements  (Read 798 times)

Painter is a great piece of software but it needs a robust improvement on the usability side.

- drastically increase the number of shortcuts (eg wireframe toggle, shadows toggle, shelf opening...): virtually every single command should have a shortcut, also allowing every kind of combination of mouse/keyboard/gestures (as in Blender). Shortcuts are everything and moving the stylus all around the place every moment is boring.
- numeric input should be aided by snapping to fixed increments and also to zero or otherwise default values (as in ZBrush). Also, the shift key should slow down the slider movements more.
- when I click in a numeric field with my stylus it should be cleared immediately so I could be able to type new values on the fly, without having to click&drag beforehand to select the present value in order to overwrite it. This issue does not happen when I click with my mouse so I do not understand if it is a problem with my graphic tablet (Huion Inspiroy H950P) or whatelse. Also, I noticed my stylus is far more sensitive than needed when moving sliders: is this a problem with Huion tablets?
- when I change values in more than one field in a row (eg RGB values in the color palette) the TAB key should move my focus on the next field, as in every other Windows application.
- please insert simple parametric tools like bezier curves, polygons and so on: they are necessary in so many situations (look at Gimp, Photoshop...) and alphas cannot replace them properly. In general, the toolbar needs to be enriched a lot, expecially for geometric drawing and it is necessary to have selection tools when working in layers.
- please insert guides and snap options (relative to the mesh itself, similar to the red line used for simmetry plane visualization) to aid precise positioning and please insert multiaxis simmetry
- I find the new UI more difficult to read. In the 1.7 version, for example, there were colored headers separating tabs in panels that accomodated lots of info (eg the properties panel, the baking window or the display settings window) and also there was a wiser use of fonts dimensions. Now is all too grey and too uniform. Also, the flying property panel needs to be resizeable and it would be great to have flying sliders for brush size/opacity/hardness in alternative to stylus gestures.
- please insert support for exporting textures to Blender Cycles and Evee.
- I use only Painter and Source, so please give me the opportunity to tailor my subscription only for those, in my case leaving out Designer and Alchemist