Author Topic: Some snow testing...  (Read 3364 times)


here is a snow test that I did for some work project...
Nothing too complicated, but I am happy with the result :-)

That's pretty damned cool.  Opened up the mask clamping?

Thx Joe :-)

What do you mean by "opened the mask clamp" ?

Making the levels on the mask an open parameter. 

Pretty sweet!
Are you planning to tweak it for final or was it just a test? 

@Joe : short answer, "yes" I exposed a level node to control the mask.

As it is for a mobile game, I previously generated a world normal map of the volcano, and kept only the Y (vertical) axis that I put in the alpha channel. Then I can control it with an exposed level node.
That way I just keep one single hand painted texture as input (made by another artist).

@arvinmoses : Thx :-)  As we want to keep it simple, so far I am quite satisfied with the result :-)
We will have to make some performances test on mobile.

What I may try is to give a "roundy" effect on the border, to be more cartoony.

Any suggestion are welcome.